About Us

Our History

Van Blanc Ent. Inc is a trading company that was founded by Paul and Maria LeBlanc in 1995 to source footwear from Asia. In Paul’s travels to all the key footwear manufacturing cities in China he came across a factory that made sea containers for the shipping lines. Shipping over 230 sea containers a year from China to Canada, he began to buy containers from Steamship lines, filling them with shoes for the Canadian retail market. Once the containers were delivered, the container stayed in Canada that now could be used for sale to companies that required storage. However, the container sales quickly outpaced the supply from his footwear business, so he began sourcing containers from leading shipping lines and leasing companies throughout the world.


Today, the business has quickly grown, supplying top quality sea, mobile and marine containers for storage uses all over Ontario, not just southern Ontario! The experienced servicing all national major retailers in Canada enabled Paul to professionally service his customers that needed mobile storage requirements. With over 29 years in the import/container business, we are able to service customers quickly and professionally. Our knowledge helps insure you buy the right containers for your company needs that require mobile, secure, and waterproof storage.